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Sunday, 13 February 2011

It's been a while for this cake decorator...


but I thought it was about time I stepped up my blogging game. Cake life has been busy busy busy of late after a fairly quiet Christmas period. Now the world seems to have gone cake mad and it's great.

The weeks have just flown by with orders for all sorts of creations from cute christening cakes to Deal or No Deal boxes. This week sees a week of transportation with 2 orders for vans. One a camper van and one a VW transporter which should give me quite a challenge. Alongside this I am creating a cake for a hairdresser involving scissors and GHD straighteners to name a few modelling challenges!

I decided to do some templates this time round for the vehicles - they can seem so tricky to get the proportions right and more detail to each than first thought.

I'll post some pictures of the progress and maybe cake fans out there will get a few tips of what to do (and of course what not to do) in the process of creating sculpted cakes.

Well here goes... wish me luck :-)
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