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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sporting week


Whilst I was tackling (excuse the pun!) the rugby cake a last minute order came in for a cricket cake. More green sugar paste! The client wanted a cake for his son's 12th birthday and he is cricket mad. He wanted some elements of the cricket ground he played at like the bench that people watch the game from and the 2 trees in pink and purple that sit behind it. I pondered the trees for a while and then decided the best way forward would be to make them using the wired flower method.  So I made trunks with wire and pipe cleaners and taped with brown florists tape. I then covered them in brown royal icing so I could pipe the coloured leaves on. I was really pleased with the result even though they were time consuming and delicate. The pitch needed to have all players so I added plastic cake decoration figures for this otherwise modelling paste figures would have been overwhelming on the size of cake and I only had 4 days. I suggested a score board and we thought 12 not out would be good to reflect the boy's birthday age.

I think the cake worked out really well and included all the elements requested.  Check out the pictures below.

Thursday, 6 May 2010



Well I made all the players in advance then the task of making a large cake started. I made the cake in lemon sponge with lemon curd buttercream then set about icing the cake. I covered the whole cake in green sugar paste and started putting on the detail.

The pitch began with lines piped in royal icing and goal posts inserted, first image below.

Once I added the modeling paste figures and added some royal icing grass the cake really came together. 
Here is the finished article and a close up of the players. All the players had the number 12 piped on their shirts to represent the age of the birthday boy!



Saturday, 1 May 2010

Rugby and a huge lemon sponge!


Well this week has seen a request for a rugby themed cake which needs to feed 100 children! So as the weather is the usual mix of rain and grey clouds I've decided to make a head start on the modelling element of the cake. A rugby scrum is the centre piece for the cake on a large 20" x 10" lemon sponge covered in sugar paste which I'll bake next week. So far I've made goal posts from sugar sticks - as the cake is for children I don't want any dowels or inedible items on this one. I'm going to be making rugby players for the srum with shirts to match the birthday boy's team.  I'll post some pictures as I go along. Its always great to see a cake go from a piece of sponge into an amazing iced design...